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Marett Building Systems, LLC

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Rob Marett is a second generation custom home builder who has been building fine homes for over thirty years. 


I pride myself on building at the very highest level, in terms of quality, communication with my clients and an exceptional overall experience before, during and after the building process.


 I have been very fortunate to have worked with the finest architects, landscape planners and interior designers and have acquired the utmost level of experience with the details and finishes as well as a level of taste that is inherent with projects of this nature. 


I traditionally lead the team of architect, landscape planner and interior designer in representing the goals and desires of our clients during the process. We have found it prudent to engage with the client at the onset of land or lot purchase in order to set the project in the proper direction for the design and execution of all elements that are important to them.


I have a very experienced team of vendors and subcontractors that work for the same goal in providing our clients with exceptional work in an organized and determined manner for a reasonable expenditure. I work directly with every client on all elements of the project, including that of selections of all products and details in order to manage the process in an organized way and to achieve the goals of my clients. 

The homes that I choose to build are meant to be inheritable and to stand the test of time. I take great pride in what we create and building a special home for you, your family and generations to come is an expression of art that is meant to endure. 


In these recent times, we have all realized how our home is now more important than ever and I greatly appreciate the trust our clients place in me in building these places that are so close to their hearts. We seek to establish relationships based on confidence, security and strength and are humbled in playing such an important role in achieving the goals of our clients. 


I build primarily in the Lake Oconee, Athens and Piedmont Region of Georgia, so please inquire below if you would like to discuss building your custom home.

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