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Our services include representing clients during the architectural design and building phase of their home:

Guidance through the architectural phase to ensure that clients are having design work completed that meets their vision and expectations. 

Management of interviewing capable builders and overseeing the estimating process to ensure accurate exchange of information and appropriately accurate costs for the project.

Oversight of all information between clients, architect, interior designer, landscape architect and the builder. The management of all details for the team is critical to the success of the project and allows for a very smooth process. Regular site meetings are typically a part of my managerial approach in order to ensure that the details are executed properly. 

Management of the contract with the builder, review of pay applications and general oversight of the financial aspects of the project are key components that lead to a successful project. 

My oversight of my clients projects allows them to feel more confident in the building process and to enjoy the more enjoyable aspects of their project. 

While we work anywhere in the United States or internationally, our focus is in the following markets:

  • Santa Barbra / Malibu and Los Angeles 

  • Aspen / Snowmass

  • Bozeman / Montana and Jackson Hole

Please contact me, if you are interested in my services. My thirty plus years of high end residential construction will benefit you and your project immensely. 

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